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Jul 7, 2014 16:53:22 GMT -8
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My favorite Kingler sweep so far
Jul 19, 2014 9:25:22 GMT -8
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magic9mushroom: How do you copy-paste coloured text into posts here? It used to work but stopped. :( Jul 18, 2014 23:38:53 GMT -8
magic9mushroom: oh hey I figured it out, they killed the parser when you copypaste but not when you drag Jul 19, 2014 0:10:02 GMT -8
magic9mushroom: gee thanks PB for telling us all of that upfront rather than just pulling the feature Jul 19, 2014 0:10:19 GMT -8
Isa: Fun teams tournament on Smogon! Sign up, I know that some from here already have (me, Marcoasd, Golden Gyarados) but the more the merrier. Jul 19, 2014 15:32:23 GMT -8
Raish: If you know that your Chansey is going to get 1 move before the game comes down to a Tauros ditto, do you choose Thunder Wave or Ice Beam? Jul 20, 2014 13:46:04 GMT -8
Raish: Thunder Wave gets you the full para chance and lets you win the speed tie if you haven't been paralyzed too Jul 20, 2014 13:46:20 GMT -8
Raish: But Ice Beam lets you 2HKO so you'll only fall behind if they get a crit and you don't or if you get para+fp slammed Jul 20, 2014 13:49:05 GMT -8
Raish: Plus can't forget the 1/10 freeze chance on Ice Beam if they don't already have someone frozen Jul 20, 2014 13:49:29 GMT -8
Isa: If it is literally Chansey at 80% or so versus Tauros at full I'd instinctively go for Thunder Wave, but it should be quite easy to math this out... Jul 20, 2014 13:50:59 GMT -8
Raish: Let's say paralyzed Chansey but yeah, about there Jul 20, 2014 15:52:22 GMT -8
CrapAtRBY: My guess would be T-wave unless you're putting Tauros in H-beam KO range and your Tauros is full health Jul 20, 2014 16:15:14 GMT -8
magic9mushroom: Well, Thunder Wave typically makes the game *not* come down to a Tauros ditto since their paralysed Tauros can't sweep. But if it's literally Chansey + full health Tauros vs. full health Tauros I'd Ice Beam. Jul 20, 2014 18:48:53 GMT -8
marcoasd: Maybe Ice Beam if Chansey is para'd, TWave if it's not. Health is more important than paralysis in a Tauros ditto; if Chansey is not para'd, it can use TWave and hope for that 70%: at that point, Body Slam+HB will kill, forcing the opponent to CH HB. Jul 21, 2014 2:43:44 GMT -8
magic9mushroom: And CH HB is a 50/50 to OHKO anyway. Jul 21, 2014 16:34:07 GMT -8
marcoasd: Yeah, that's where Thunder Wave works: the chance to attack again (70%) means almost game over. Btw, are you willing to calc more matchups? (Zapdos or Exeggutor vs incoming Chansey etc etc...) Jul 22, 2014 0:11:39 GMT -8 *
Isa: Paralysis has a 25% of kicking in, not 30% :p Jul 22, 2014 0:25:30 GMT -8
magic9mushroom: that's true but the fullpara chance isn't what is talking about. He's talking about the chance an unparalysed Chansey has to para Tauros with Thunder Wave and then (due to outspeeding it) attack it again with Ice Beam before fainting. Jul 22, 2014 2:10:34 GMT -8
magic9mushroom: Though technically it's 70% that Tauros will NOT para Chansey and thus Chansey will outspeed Tauros plus 30% * 20% = 6% that Tauros WILL para Chansey but Chansey will get to attack first thanks to fullpara = 76%. So you're right for the wrong reason :P. Jul 22, 2014 2:16:55 GMT -8 *
magic9mushroom: (that's 20% for the same reason Gengar's success rate vs. Jynx lead is 2/3 and not 60%; it takes into account the possibility of long chains of both being full-paraed, as what matters is who gets an attack first) Jul 22, 2014 2:18:49 GMT -8
Isa: I assumed that Chansey was paralyzed to begin with since Raish added that when I asked about the scenario Jul 22, 2014 2:24:03 GMT -8